Sportsmanship Policy

Sportsmanship Policy

Any student that participates on a team that is representing I.S. 230 must adhere to the following responsibilities from the NYC Discipline Code. Any student that violates these responsibilities in any degree may be subject to a suspension of participating with the team or could warrant a complete removal from the team.

Final decisions for suspension or removal from the team will be made by Administration.


Reasons for discipline:

· Uncooperative or noncompliant behavior.

· Repeated failure to wear the required school uniform.

· Cutting classes

· Consistently begin late to class

· Behaving in a manner, which disrupts the educational process.

· Engaging in verbally rude or disrespectful behavior (using profane, obscene, vulgar, or lewd language, gestures or behavior)

· Misusing property that belongs to others

· Inappropriate use of electronic technology

· Shoving, pushing, or engaging in a minor altercation

· Engaging in physically aggressive behavior other than minor altercations

· Engaging in gang related behavior (wearing or displaying gang apparel, writing graffiti, making gestures or signs)

· Knowingly possessing property belonging to another without authorization

· Engaging in an act of coercion or threatening or instigating violence

· Engaging in harassing, intimidating or bullying behavior including using electronic communication to engage in such behavior

· Possessing controlled substances

· Possessing a weapon

· Any other behavior that violates the behavior code that leads to suspension