• Principal's weekly Letter 6/21/24

    Principal's weekly letter 6/21/24

    June 21, 2024

    Dear Families,

    I want to congratulate the class of 2024 on your graduation!! We are very proud of all that you accomplished during your time at IS230.  We wish you the best of luck in High School and beyond.

    8th grade students if you would like to donate your uniform for future IS230 students you may drop them off in the main building by the school safety desk. We had over 300 uniforms donated last year, and all the uniforms were distributed by the end of  November.

    6th and 7th grade families the window to order uniforms is now open.  If you want to ensure you receive your new uniform by the start of the school year, please ensure you place your order by August 6th.  If you need help with sizing information please make an appointment with Mr. Salazar and he can show you samples.

    On Friday, June 21, 2024 we hosted Legal Outreach Summer Law Institute. They presented  lessons to our 7th grade students focusing on “know your rights.” The lessons were specially designed to help middle school students better understand the legal system and their rights.  To learn more about our partnership with legal outreach please click on the link below:

    On Monday, June 24th at 9:15 a.m. select 8th grade students who qualified will be taking the Spanish Language Proficiency Exam.

    On Monday, June 24th at 6:00 p.m. we are hosting a high school application workshop for 7th grade families and interested 6th grade families.  The goal of the workshop is to help guide families through the high school application process. The interactive workshop will be led by our guidance counselor and translated in Spanish.

    On Tuesday, June 25th the main building cafeteria will be used as a polling site, so breakfast will be served as a grab and go. Lunch will also be served as a grab and go. Students will eat in the auditorium. 

    This will be my last letter to families for the 2023-2024 School Year.  I want to thank all the members of our school community for another successful school year.  As the school year comes to an end I want to highlight some of the amazing accomplishments we had as a school community:

    • City Wide Debate Champions
    • E-Sports Five Borough Champions
    • Girls Basketball Team Making the Playoffs
    • Finding Nemo The Musical
    • IS230 Mets Game Outing
    • SLT created a IS230 Family Handbook for the 2024-25 School year
    • Family Math Night
    • PTA Family Fun Night
    • Increased Student Government participation
    • Over 400 students sat for a Regents Exam
    • Tremendous growth in our I-Ready ELA/Math and Amplify Science
    • Number of Staff members trained in Tier 1 Restorative Justice Practices
    • After School Academic Support Programs
    • Monthly CR-SE celebrations
    • JA Day, Legal Outreach, Mentoring in Medicine and Planned Parenthood Partnerships
    • Winter and Spring Dances
    • Grade Level Field Trips
    • Concerts and Art Shows

    Some goals that we as a school community want to work towards and improve on for the 2024-25 school year:

    We will continue to expand our regents program as we had a very successful second year expansion. 

    We will be implementing homeroom at IS230 for the 2024-25 school year.  Homeroom will take place from 8:00 to 8:20 a.m. every morning.  The purpose of Homeroom is to provide a space for our staff and students to take attendance, conduct announcements and most importantly an opportunity to connect with their peers in a meaningful way before starting the day.

    We will continue to enforce our Cell Phone Policy; we are going to do our best to have a cell phone free school.  We will still allow students to bring cell phones to school, but the expectations is that the cell phones are turned off and put away in their book bag prior to entering the school building.  If we see a cell phone out in a classroom, hallway, or cafeteria we will ask the student to hand in the cell phone and we will give the cell phone back to the student at the end of the day.  If it happens multiple times then we will ask parents/guardians to come and collect the phone. If you need to reach your child you can call the main office and if your child needs to reach you they can use a phone in the main office.  We are implementing this to reduce the number of distractions and reduce the amount of cyber bullying

    Uniform Policy; we are going to do our best to increase the number of students following the uniform policy that was voted and agreed upon by the school community.  We have worked with Smooth the company that handles our uniform orders to ensure uniforms arrive before school starts if ordered on time.


    Restorative Practice June Monthly Focus Corner





    Habit of Mind






    Community LGBTIQA- Pride Month





    Relationship Skills

    Taking Responsible Risk

    Community Activism: LGBTIQA- Pride Month





    Social Awareness

    Creating, Imaging and Innovating

    Community Activism: LGBTIQA- Pride Month



    To learn more about Habits of Mind, CASEL and CR-SE please click on the links below:

    Important Upcoming Dates

    June 24, 2024: Spanish Language Proficiency Exam for select 8th grade students

    June 24, 2024: High School Application Workshop (English/ Spanish) for 7th grade families @ 6:00 p.m.

    June 25, 2024: IS230 Main Building Election Polling Site @ 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.

    June 26, 2024: Last Day of School

    We look forward to continuing to improve communication and relationships here at I.S. 230.

    Please visit our website and Social Media accounts to get more information and sign up for E-Chalk Notification.


    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Mr. Ajith Satyanarayana




    I.S. 230
  • School Uniform Online Order for year 2024-2025


    The school’s webstore address is . 

    The store is now open for new orders.

    Below are your ordering windows: 

    Window # Ordering Window Open/Close Date Approx. Delivery Date
    Ordering Window #1: June 7 -8/7 September 4th
    Ordering Window #2: 8/8-8/28 9/25
    Ordering Window #3:




    Once the First ordering window closes at midnight, August 7th, the company will begin to source, decorate, pack and ship all the orders received in this window. 

    All products will be shipped directly to the shipping address you provide.  

    Please use an address where someone is available to accept your package; be sure to include your apartment number if applicable. 

    Please make sure you order the correct size, if you need to see a sample contact Mr. Salazar your Parent Coordinator at 

    Must Order In First Window For Delivery By First Day Of School

    All orders are shipping to homes. Return and Reorders are handled by Smooth directly.

    School Uniform Flier

    Traducido por google.


    La dirección de la tienda web de la escuela es .   

    La tienda ya está abierta para nuevos pedidos.

    A continuación se muestran sus ventanas de pedido:

    Ventanas              Fecha de apertura/cierre de la ventana de pedidos          Aprox. Fecha de entrega

    Ventana 1:                                  6/7/24-8/7/24                                                                                9/4/24

    Ventana 2:                                 8/8/24-8/28/24                                                                              9/25/24

    Ventana 3:                               8/29/24-9/25/24                                                                             10/23/24


    Una vez que se cierre el primer período de pedidos a la medianoche del 7 de agosto, la empresa comenzará a obtener, decorar, empaquetar y enviar todos los pedidos recibidos en este período.

    Todos los productos se enviarán directamente a la dirección de envío que usted proporcione.

    Utilice una dirección donde haya alguien disponible para aceptar su paquete; asegúrese de incluir el número de su apartamento, si corresponde.

    Asegúrese de pedir el tamaño correcto; si necesita ver una muestra, comuníquese con el Sr. Salazar, su coordinador de padres, en

    Debe realizar el pedido en la primera ventana para recibirlo antes del primer día de clases

    Todos los pedidos se envían a domicilio. Las devoluciones y los nuevos pedidos son manejados directamente por Smooth.

    Folleto de uniforme escolar

    I.S. 230
  • June Calendar 2024

    June  Calendar 2024

    8th Grade Seniors June Events

    Important Dates for School Year 2023-2024

    I.S. 230
  • In Person PTA, SLT and PAC Elections Meeting

    PTA, SLT and PAC Elections flier

    Wednesday, June 12th 2024
    at 6:30pm
    school main building



    I.S. 230
  • 8th Grade Event List

    8th Grade Event List

    Wednesday, June 5th - Senior Trip to Lake Compounce

    Monday June 10th - Cap and Gown Distribution in the school Gym during the school day

    Tuesday. June 11th - Ice Cream Social at the school play yard during the school day

    Wednesday, June 12th -Award Ceremony Session 1 3:30pm to 5pm and Session 2 5:30pm to 7pm

    Tuesday, June 18th Dance at the Renaissance Event Hall

    Thursday, June 20th - Graduation Session 1 8:30am to 10:30am and Session 2 11:30am to 1:30pm

    Graduation Session 1
    Thursday, June 20th

    8:30am to 10:30am
    Classes:  801 - 802- 803- 804- 805- 806- 807

    Graduation Session 2
    Thursday, June 20th

    11:30am to 1:30pm
    Classes: 808- 809- 810- 811- 812- 813- 814

    Any questions feel free to send an email to Mr. Salazar at


    I.S. 230
  • Math Parent Night

    On Monday, April 15th from 5:30pm to 7:00pm we are hosting a Math Night.
    The purpose of the event join us for a night of fun, numbers and walk away with new skills.

    El lunes 15 de abril de 5:30 p. m. a 7:00 p. m. organizaremos una Noche de Matemáticas.
    El propósito del evento es unirse a nosotros para una noche de diversión, números y salir con nuevas habilidades.

    Math Parent Night flier

    Please use this link to register for Math Night.
    Porfavor usen este link para registrarse pa la Noceh de Matematicas.

    Thank you!
    I.S. 230
  • 2024 State Testing Calendar

    State Tests

    These tests are required by NY State Education Department, including those that may be used to meet graduation requirements.

    Pruebas estatales

    Estas pruebas son requeridas por el Departamento de Educación del Estado de Nueva York, incluidas aquellas que pueden usarse para cumplir con los requisitos de graduación.

    2024 Testing Calendar






    NYSESLAT Speaking


    April 15 to May 24

     NYSESLAT Listening, Reading & Writing


    May 13 to May 15


    All Students

    Paper Based Testing

    Grade 6 & Grade 7
    April 11 & April 12

    Computer Based Testing

    Grade 8
    April 11 & April 12


    All Students

    Paper Based Testing

    Grade 6 & Grade 7

    May 7 & May 8


    Computer Based Testing

    Grade 8

    May 7 & May 8


    8th Grade


    Computer Based Testing

    May 16

    Algebra Regents

    8th Grade Algebra 1

    June 4, 2024

    9:15 AM


    Living Environment

    8th Grade

    Living Environment

    June 14, 2024

    1:15 PM


    World Language

    8th Grade

    June 24, 2024

    I.S. 230
  • NYC Kids Rise - for 6th graders ONLY

    Free NYC Scholarship Accounts with money for college and career training!

    Every kindergarten, first grade, and second grade student enrolled in NYC public schools,
    including participating charter schools, can participate in the NYC Kids RISE Save for College
    Program!* Family income and immigration status do not affect eligibility. Eligible students are
    automatically enrolled unless their parents or guardians choose not to participate.

    Students receive a free NYC Scholarship Account with an initial $100. There are opportunities
    to get more money for your child’s account over time.** Organizations, businesses, and neighbors
    can contribute money to groups of students’ NYC Scholarship Accounts through Community

    Money in this account can be used to pay for a variety of college and career training expenses
    such as tuition, fees, and textbooks. For your child’s NYC Scholarship Account:

    • You do not need to deposit money
    • You do not need to provide a Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number (ITIN), bank account, or credit card information

    Learn more:

    • Talk to your child’s school
    • Call the NYC Kids RISE hotline at 833-543-7473 for information in your language
    • Email
    • Visit

    *Every kindergarten through fifth-grade student in the 39 pilot schools in geographic District 30 can participate.
    **Parents and guardians of kindergartners, and other eligible students who are new to the Save for College Program
    this school year, will be able to activate and view their child’s NYC Scholarship Account starting in January


    I.S. 230
  • STEM Spring Break Program April 22nd to April 26th

    STEM Spring Break Program flier -English

    STEM Campamentos de Primavera 

    স্প্রিং�ং ব্রে�ক ক্যাা�ম্পগুলো�ো কিন্ডাারগাার্টে�ে

    থে�কে অষ্টম (8) গ্রে�ডে�র শি�ক্ষাার্থীীদে�র জন্যয



    I.S. 230
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    Follow us on Social Media




    I.S. 230
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