PTA President: Lisa Koss

PTA Secretary : Claudia Norton

PTA Treasurer:  Shirley Lei 

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In Person PTA, SLt and PAC

Nominations and Elections for 
school year 2023-2024
Wednesday, September 27th, 2023
main building at 6:30pm





PTA Members 2022-2023

PTA Welcome Letter 

Dear I.S. 230 families and staff,

The 2022-2023 Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is pleased to meet you.  Allow us this opportunity to make a formal introduction. 
We are eager to share our idea for the school year engagement, student celebrations, school events and fundraising opportunities. 
Please join us on December 21st during the next PTA virtual meeting.    The flyer will be distributed in the coming weeks. 


Lisa Koss, PTA President:  Hello my name is Lisa Koss. I am a mom to two- IS 230 students: Six grade and eighth grade.
I am a fundraiser by trade and a card crafter and lover of books when I’m not working.  
My community involvement includes Girl Scout leader, food pantry distribution volunteer, and a love for Jackson Heights.
It is with my pleasure that I would like to serve the I.S. 230 community to help plan fun events, fundraise to benefit the school, and to help the community at large.


Claudia Norton, PTA Secretary:  Hi everyone! I'm Claudia Norton, mother of a wonderful girl who began I.S. 230 this year. 
I have proudly been active at my daughter’s prior schools.  It will not be any different now.  In my past volunteer experience, I helped with fundraising, library volunteering, bake sales, holiday events, face painting, trips and more.   
I am an Educationalist.  I am working as a virtual bilingual mentor overseas. I believe that it is through education that the world becomes better.  That is why I joined the PTA.  I promise to give you my best. 
In life, I am vegan, minimalist, human rights activist as well as animal and environment activist.  I love politics, working out, dancing, food, music, movies, arts, traveling, and surfing.  My philosophy of life: " I am because we are" (Ubuntu)


Shirley Lei, PTA Treasurer:   Hello my name is Shirley Lei. I am a mom to two children: the older is a college sophomore, and the younger is an eighth grade I.S. 230 student.
In my spare time I enjoy various hobbies such as gardening, sewing, and arts and crafts like origami making or embroidery.
I have been volunteering for the I.S. 230 PTA for the majority of the years my children have attended this school.
It has been an honor to help serve the I.S. 230 community through hosting fundraisers like bake sales and planning holiday-themed events.
I feel privileged to continue to do my part in making the school environment better for these students. Thank you!