Grade Level Teams

Grade Level Teams provide the appropriate Academic Social and Emotional supports for all students. An Assistant Principal, Dean,  Guidance Counselor and a Social Emotional Coordinator support students at each grade level.
All students have the same access to academic coursework, enrichment activities, after-school programs and trips.

  • The Annex building houses the Sixth Grade. The smaller learning environment and teacher teams provide a supportive transition to middle school.
  • The main building houses the Seventh and Eighth Grade.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

The Advanced Placement Program begins in the seventh grade. Qualifying seventh and eighth grade students will be placed in the Advanced Placement Program. AP students are expected to pass two NY State Regents (Algebra & Living Environment) and the NYC Second Language Proficiency Exam in Spanish at the conclusion of the eighth grade. AP students also follow an advanced curriculum in English Language Arts and Social Studies. Due to the rigorous expectations and coursework, the AP program has specific criteria for eligibility based upon:

  • NYS Math Assessment score in the 90th percentile of IS 230 students in the grade.
  • Minimum report card average of 90%, with no grade lower than 85% in any subject.
  • Teacher Recommendations in the content areas (ELA, Math, Sci, SS).
  • Any student not meeting these criteria at the end of any marking period may be removed from the AP program and placed into a regular class.